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Utopia Boat Party Tenerife Tickets

Utopia Boat Party Tenerife Tickets

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Formerly known as the Insomnia Boat Party, after a highly successful third year in which over 75% sold out! Their fourth year jumped to 85% of boats sold out!!!! Now going into our fifth year they are again sponsored by REDBULL, CORONA and BUDWEISER and expecting an amazing year ahead. The reason for the change is to increase our international customer base, and with the new name Utopia they are expanding their music policy to make it more pleasing to all nationalities for what is expected to be their busiest year to date.

The boat party will be held on the recently refitted Freebird F15 (One 4 You) Catamaran. Playing everything from House to Garage and RnB to DnB, we are sure that there is something for everyone on our party.

Get your ticket now and step aboard the craziest boat party you will ever set sail on.