Exo Jet - Jet Ski Safari Tenerife - Bookings


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Take a tandem flight over the beautiful sites of Tenerife. Paraglide with us, taking in the phenomenal views of the islands' mountains and coastline in an unforgettable life adventure for those who want to touch the sky!

We offer an opportunity for anyone to experience something truly magnificent, something indescribable.If you've dreamt of breaking away from the earth, of feeling and seeing the world like a bird, wonderful and free, please get in touch to arrange your flight.


Choose from these 3 options:


1) 1st Flight

  • Tandem flight with experienced instructor from 750m
  • Flight duration: 20-30 min
  • Free transport
  • €90


2) Recommended

  • Tandem flight with experienced instructor from 1000m
  • HD video
  • Flight duration: 35+ min
  • Free transport
  • €150


3)  Personalised Flight 

  • Tandem flight in thermal weather conditions & experienced instructor
  • Cross-country
  • HD Video
  • Flight duration: undetermined
  • Free transport
  • €180